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Our Trophy Bats are viewed as prized collectables used by organizations as acknowledgements and rewards to valued employees and customers.

Here are examples of corporate clients who see the value in what ultimately is the branding of their organization to those they highly value in their success:

Why These Bats!

  • Quality : These are handcrafted keepsakes made of Yellow Birch, arguably the best wood for baseball bats because of their resilience and performance. We are confident that your recipients will likely keep your gift the rest of their lives assuring your branding with customers and employees alike.
  • Customized: Made specifically for your company and for the individuals according to your organizational name, color, and logo. We will work to combine both labelling and engraving to your specifications.
  • Recognized Brand: B45 is fast becoming a global brand associated with quality, performance and reliability used professionally by Big League players.
  • Personalized Service: Be in touch with our specialist who has worked in the business industry for over 40 years in order help deliver your message with our customized bats program.

Coors Light Trophy Baseball Bats

Two options available

FULL-SIZE (34 inch bat)

Trophy Baseball Bat


MINIATURE (18 inch bat)

Miniature Trophy Bat

Need a Customized Solution for your Business?

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