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Softball Bats

Explore our selection of softball bats.

At B45, our softball bats are designed to optimize every player's performance. With a focus on durability and innovation, our softball bats are crafted using the highest quality maple wood.

All our bats are built to last over time, allowing hitters to keep their bat in their arsenal for many years to come. This devotion to durability is the reason we use only maple wood, a natural resource sourced locally from Canadian forests.

Our long and proud history in softball

The B45 team has a long and proud history in softball, dating back to the company's beginnings in 2004. Our founder, Jean-Luc, has been a long-time fan of the sport and this passion led him to create B45. Our softball bats are the result of years of research, development and collaboration with professional players to guarantee their quality and performance on the field.

Our Softball Bat Collection

At B45, we currently offer four models of softball bats. Each of our models is designed with unique features to meet the specific needs of each player.


AF10 softball bat

The AF10 is the signature bat of U.S. Softball Olympian Amanda Fama. This model is designed for players who want to increase their bat speed. The AF10 is perfect for slap hitters, who use the bat to create a wider angle and reach base quickly.
The AF10 is also made with a thinner handle to help hitters increase their bat speed and make contact with the ball.


SBB softball bat

The SBB is one of our most popular softball bats. This model is designed to be versatile and meet the needs of all players. The SBB is manufactured with a standard 2.25" barrel diameter and features our most balanced weight distribution.
The SBB is perfect for players learning the game. It's a great bat for contact hitters, as it's easy to control, but also has enough weight to generate power.


SWR softball bat

The SWR is the signature bat of USA Softball Olympian Sierra Romero. This model is designed for power hitters looking to increase their bat speed. Still with a 2.25-inch barrel diameter, it's slightly heavier to help increase power. 


At B45, we're committed to creating high-quality products that reflect the values of the athletes who use them. We are proud to have Canadian athletes such as Sierra Romero, Michelle Moultrie and Amanda Fama on our team. By collaborating with these athletes, we are able to create products optimized for performance, while supporting the growth and development of sport in Canada.

Whether you're an elite athlete or an amateur player, we have a bat designed to help optimize your performance on the field. Our softball bat collection includes models optimized for power, speed and versatility.

Support the growth of softball in Canada and discover our softball bat collection today