Trophy Bats

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Looking for a unique gift? Or maybe you’re looking for the perfect baseball trophy to give to your players after a long hard fought season. B45 carries both mini bats and regular sized trophy bats with options for customization, so you can design the perfect team trophy.

Imagine your team just won a long and challenging tournament. While a regular trophy gets the job done, it lacks uniqueness and novelty. Trophy bats act as a trophy and a talking piece. Perfect for renewing memories and recounting victories.

Baseball fans know that the mini baseball bat is a sort of collector’s item. Whether you have one with your favourite team's logo on it, or you keep one as a trophy bat, mini baseball bats are a classic.

Used to symbolize both fandom and achievement, our customization options provide a unique way to symbolize your team’s victories. If in your world bigger is better, we also offer regular sized trophy bats, perfect for making a statement on display. Unlike our other bats, these ones are for display only. So, leave the swinging for your other bats.

FAQs about our baseball trophy bats

You have questions about our baseball trophy bats? Feel free to ask our team. Everybody here is passionate about baseball and are more than happy to answer your questions. You can also read our FAQ.

How does the baseball trophy bat builder work?

Our trophy bat builder allows you to customize your perfect baseball trophy. With different colourway options, you can design a bat that suits your team colours and spirit. We even include options to add your team's logo and engraving.

So, go ahead and design your team’s trophy with custom baseball bat engraving for an added touch of personalization. Popular engraving options include the year along with the player's name and jersey number.