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FAQs on Training Bats

What is the difference between fungos and regular bats?

Fungo bats are strictly for training purposes. They are designed to be both longer and lighter than regular bats. When it comes to field practice, you need the balls to be flying tirelessly.

Fungo bats allow coaches to swing again and again without tiring. Because of their length, they also allow for greater accuracy when hitting. Used by every coaches during practice or warm-up, they're an indispensable tool to improve your baseball team.

How to use:

Two-Hand Trainer

Two-hand trainers force batters to use proper technique and positioning of the hands so that when they switch back to a regular bat, they’ll be swinging with improved strength and speed. Keep your hands inside and, because of that big counterweight knob, you won’t feel any of that scary +12. However, if you let them drop and stray away from your body, that’s when you’ll feel the heaviness of the two-hand trainer.

Not meant for live BP.

Flat Bat

It can be used to track launch angle and adapt it to get more liners out of your contacts or, to keep swings shorter and keep wrists from rolling over. Use Flat bat with wiffle or tennis balls.

Overload & Underload Bats

They work best in pair. Alternate few swings of each before every BP to quickly boost your bat speed. Underload bat isn’t meant for live BP.

One-Hand Bat

Use it with top or bottom hand to isolate it and work strictly on hand path and explosion. Use it on a tee or soft toss.

Short Bat

Can be used the same way as One-Hand Trainer, and also with two hands to keep swing tight and hands close to the body. Not meant for live BP.

Skinny Bat

They are mainly used to improve hand-eye coordination. Use wiffle balls, wiffle golf balls, or even badminton shuttles.