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Premium Bats

Discover our Premium baseball bats

Our premium bats aren't just tools; they're crafted for glory. Each design reflects a commitment to excellence, ensuring that when you step up to the plate, you do so with a bat that's as bold as your ambitions. Trusted by elite players, our premium bats have graced the hands of champions. Join the league of winners and elevate your performance with the same tools that the pros trust.

Our bats not only endure the rigors of the game but do so with style. Combining durability with an elegant design, these premium bats are a statement of your commitment to excellence. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a rising star, our premium bats are your ticket to a higher level of play. Elevate your game, and let each swing tell the story of your journey to greatness.

Every stock Premium bat is covered by our 45-day warranty.

FAQ about our premium baseball bats

You have any questions about our Premium baseball bats? Our team at B45 is passionate about baseball and are more than happy to answer all your questions. We offer high quality baseball equipment for all your need. You can also read our FAQ about Premium bats to get insights quickly.

What does ink dot tested mean?

At B45, we’re serious about making the best bats. The ink dot test implements to demonstrate the straightness of the wood grains on the bat. The straighter the grains are, the stronger the bat will be.

On every Premium bat, we do not stain or paint over the ink dot, so you can appreciate the results for yourself. All premium baseball bats from B45 have been ink dot tested to indicate that they are high-quality and suitable for the big leagues!

$179.99 USD
$179.99 USD
$179.99 USD
$179.99 USD