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Fungo & Training Bats

Explore our selection of fungo and training bats

When it comes to playing ball, practice makes perfect. You can only pursue your MLB dreams through dedication and commitment. You also need the right tools to develop your batting skills. Achieve your goals with B45’s Training Bats selection.

Choose among our large variety of training bats including, Flat Bat, Two-Hand Trainer, One-Hand, Short, Skinny, Overload, Underload bats, and of course, Fungo. For the coaches, or the enthusiastic parents, we carry a variety of fungo bats, as well as the option of designing your very own. The best way to improve your field game? Catching fly balls and grounders, of course. At B45, we believe that always keeping a fungo nearby will help train and bring your best skills to your next game.

Can't choose? Check out our new Trainers Packs offers. they include different packages of 2 popular training bat depending of what you need to work on the get to the next level!

Need more information on what to use or how to use them? Click here to find out everything there is to know about B45's training aids.

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$89.99 USD