Because we believe that our products are made to last more than any other brand, every B45 Yellow Birch bat comes with a 45-day Warranty*. If the bat were to break within the warranty timeframe and within the Bat Usage Guidelines (see below), the customer will be invited to fill out our Activate Your Warranty form.

We will also request the customer to either send us pictures of the broken bat or send back the broken product to our Customer Service department so it can be analyzed, depending on the situation.

B45 will take charge of all the post-sale Customer Service regarding the warranty and the replacement product.

Once the claim process completed, our team will reach out to you to confirm reception. Production delays are 3-5 business days for a stock replacement and 1-2 weeks for a custom replacement.

The replacement bat is not under warranty.

*Bats sold by an authorized dealer only in the U.S. (excluding Puerto Rico) and Canada are covered by the Warranty. Some restrictions may apply.


  • DO NOT throw or hit your bat on the ground or any other hard surface.
  • DO NOT hit automatic throwing machine or any other hard balls. Always hit official leather baseballs (or softballs for softball bats).
  • DO NOT alter by painting, engraving or sanding your original product in any way. The usage of conventional grip is allowed.
  • DO NOT expose your bat to temperature variations and DO NOT store your bat in a dry space (storage space should be at a minimum 40% humidity)
  • DO NOT store your bat in any other way than vertically.